Private lesson

 totally customized with your needs with flexible schedule.

Semi-private lesson

totally customized with your needs with flexible schedule. 2 people makes one group with the time flexibility.

Group lesson

 (maximum 4 people in a class) : days and time are fixed. Lessons are tailored to the group’s needs.

Levels and Achievement Goals

Level Hours Goals   Kanji & Vocabulary
 Advanced 1  900hours~  -well-comprehension and discussion in any areas with natives.  kanji:2000
 Advanced 2  600hours  -speaking and describing own opinions well
 -deepening understanding in Japanese culture
 -using Japanese without difficulties
 300hours  -speaking long sentences with natural speed
 -tolking simply about business,politics and economics
 -balanced acquisition of 4 skills; speaking, listening, reading, writing
 150hours  -broadening the field of view with increase of vocabulary
 -skillful expressions
 -'Keigo' to have smooth relationship with others
 Primary 2 120hours  -learning useful Japanese for daily life
 -reading and writing of simple sentences
 -stating opinions in detail with complex sentences
 -completion of primary grammar 
 Primary 1  90hours  -daily life conversation,greetings,simle requests and orders
 -short conversations on the phone and shopping
 -learning basic grammar
 Survival  40hours  -short conversation on the phone and shopping
 -simple explanation, requests and orders

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